Sometimes things go astray and you deal with it as best you can.
Pictures. That's it. Just pictures of things so you can rest your brain.
What are blank pages and why would you want to look at them?
Teaching with rare materials in epidemics?What plans are you making to teach with rare books and manuscripts when classes are canceled and campuses closed? Let’s brainstorm what we need …
Are we users or readers? Is thinking of users too dehumanizing for the work we do? Why are words so hard?
What happens when you have to try making your way through all the almanacs you've gathered?
What even is time, let alone a calendar or an almanac?
Why are card catalogs fun and confusing? And when will I stop making mistakes?
I really do love making paper models of impositions
Why are they so hard to mind?
Why are they so weird?
remember the joys of blogging??